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Buy the best security camera

Security has become more important thing now. People have understood the risk of leaving the home unguarded. You need continuous surveillance of the home so you can keep a tab what is going on. There are several hundred models of cameras available in the market but vstarcam ip camera Singapore is one of the best in business.  It is wireless IP camera that can be installed anywhere in the home and connected to the server through the wireless router. You don’t need to wire it up.

vstarcam ip camera

One of the best features of the camera is that it has the enhanced night vision and motion detector. It will be idle until it detects motion in the periphery and will record everything sending the feed to the server through wireless transmission. It has high resolution feed and will support the smart phone with android OS. It comes with LAN cable in case you like to connect it through wire and mounting screws and bracket needed to install it on the roof or wherever you need. It is simple to install if you can do basic wiring work and configuration can be done by following the instruction in the manual that comes along with the camera.

Once installed it will send the feeds to the server or system it is connected to while sending out alarms when it detects unusual movements and taking snapshots when required. It is the best CCTV camera to have in the home.

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