Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips

Even if you own one of the best electric scooters that money can buy (find out more), it can also develop minor errors as the time passes, that is if you’re not complying with the basic maintenance needs of an electric scooter.

One of the most vulnerable parts of an electric scooter is its power supply system, this system (and the equipment related to it) might sometimes break down.

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In spite of all these maintenance requirements, following some simple tips can save you a lot of money over time. Here are some of the best electric scooter maintenance tips.

Take Some Photos

Yes, taking some photos of the equipment before repairing the scooter yourself can help you remember how it was previously set after the procedure is done. Even some of the experts often mark the spaces and position of bolts on a paper to help themselves remember where they were placed previously.

Check The Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is an important thing to maintain, because a low pressure can largely impact the efficiency of your electric scooter. Use a pressure gauge to tell if the pressure is enough or not, and additionally, you can also use your fingers to check the pressure. If the finger is easily sinking into the tire, then it’s time for a refill.

A good way to refill the tires is having a manual device to refill your tires, as this will help you in the case of an emergency.


The battery is the most important part of an electric scooter, in fact, this is what makes it different form the manual scooters. To maintain the battery of your electric scooter in a good condition, make sure that you buy a high quality charger directly from the manufacturer to make sure its fully compatible with your scooter.